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For the First Time Ever, Astronomers Spot Light From a Black Hole Smash-up

“These objects swarm like angry bees around the monstrous queen bee at the center. They can briefly find gravitational partners and pair up but usually lose their partners quickly to the mad dance,” explained K. E. Saavik Ford, an astronomer at the City University of New York (CUNY) and a co-author of the new paper, in a press release. “But in a supermassive black hole’s disk, the flowing gas converts the mosh pit of the swarm to a classical minuet, organizing the black holes so they can pair up.”

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Daniel Oster as Bigfoot Performing Yoga

The Bigfoot Brand

Oster put on a Bigfoot costume, posed for more photos as he baked in the remodeled kitchen, lounged in one of the five bedrooms, and gently clipped azaleas on the 0.7-acre estate.

As he always does, he promoted the listing on social media and the gimmick caught fire.

There have been 650,000 views on Zillow since the property at 5649 Hillside Dr. in Felton was put up for sale on May 14.

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