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And So It Began | My First Encounter with Bigfoot

Survey results for “Best Bigfoot Movies”

Note: I would rate this survey PG-13, as the covers of some of the Bigfoot movies can be a bit racy or gory. Therefore, though there are family titles listed the survey is definitely not intended for children.

Bigfoot movies come in many genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, History, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Short, Thriller, etc. With so many types of Bigfoot films, it might be hard to choose your favorites. Nonetheless, I want us to see what my audience’s selections are. Let’s find out what your favorite, go-to Bigfoot movies are regardless of their genre!

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Top TV Series About Bigfoot

All-Time Top 10 TV Series About Bigfoot

The results from this week’s Squatchy Survey of your All-Time Top 10 TV series about Bigfoot! Please rank your all-time favorite tv series about Bigfoot from IMDBs top 10. Finding

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Are Bigfoot real? Yes, they are! I investigate, create, and share mainstream educational content, Bigfoot and related phenomena, and the scientific methods and principles that corroborate our stories. I have lived and traveled all over North America, Europe, and Africa, have had encounters with Bigfoot and UFOs in North America, and have even had an NDE in Africa. Education: BA and MA in Biological Anthropology Languages: English and Spanish Career: Certified Coach and Teacher, Licensed Entrepreneur Passions: coaching, mentoring, learning, teaching, coaching; the sciences, and cryptozoology Subjects: The Sciences, Cryptozoology