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Worldwide Institute for Bigfoot and Hominoid News, Research, and Investigation

Squatchy Surveys

Weekly surveys, polls, and questionnaires with questions about Bigfoot and related phenomena

Explore and evaluate the possible existence and nature of worldwide, anthropomorphic (human-like) creatures at your one-stop source for educational and original, creative content and products featuring surveys, news, stories, images, audio, video, and more!

BIG News Blog

My BIG Blog posts about the latest news on Bigfoot and other unusual phenomena and my thoughts

Audios/ Videos (AVs)

Audio-Video page where you can find audio clips, podcasts, and video content plus a Missing-Links library

Scary Stories

Real peoples' accounts of extraordinary encounters with Bigfoot and related phenomena

Image Gallery

A repository of images of Bigfoot and related phenomena for the curious, knowers, believers and skeptics

BIG Brands

Merchandise for my brand and others featuring Bigfoot and related phenomena