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Hearing booming Bigfoot knocks in the mystical lands of the Seneca

Summer of 2019
Ga’hai Mountain, Witch Light Hill
Allegany State Park, Allegheny National Forest
Cattaraugus County, New York
With Renee Mitchell
Lots of wildlife and possibly two, loud wood knocks

To the Seneca, where we are in this clip is a very supernatural area called Ga’hai. The mysterious mountaintop area is said to make the hair stand up on the back of one’s neck and chills run up and down the spine. There are stories that witches once lived up there on top of the hill. One of the oddities people have supposedly seen, and a lot of Senecas believe are up there, are half-human and half-animal creatures, like half-human and half-deer. This might explain the odd-looking black bear that crossed the road in front of us…

This clip is taken minutes after my third Bigfoot encounter, so my adrenaline is pumping and I am in a very excited state (I apologize for the ADHD and adrenaline-induced jerkiness of some of the footage). I briefly recap the events that had just occurred with the bear that crossed the road in front of us, the communication going on between the Bigfoot, and the turkey hen and her babies. I’m driving for some of this video, so my phone is recording my dashboard because I didn’t want the audio recorder to miss anything in case there were more vocalizations or communications. We see Children at Play signs, which later I would realize were probably for a child or children living at the house back off the road a ways behind the dilapidated bait shop.

I pulled off to look around a little at this bait shop, as there was an electrical line running back to a house hidden by the woods. No sooner had I gotten out of the car and started to poke around when a very loud booming sound hit our ears from nearby. Was it a car backfire? A gunshot? A solitary firework at 6:00 PM, or a very loud wood knock trying to get me to leave? The nearest camp was five miles away, and it was at least a half-mile or so across the Allegheny River before any houses other than the one in the woods behind this ramshackle shop. We could not pinpoint where the sound had come from, so I continued to look around.

I saw a beautiful young doe, a chipmunk, a garter snake (which scared the crap out of me as I was wearing shorts and flip-flops– my long-distance driving gear, at that time), a bird’s nest presumably with babies in it (momma bird was nearby chirping at me to get away from her nest), and a robin. At some point there is another, more distant booming sound like the first one but much farther away. Was it something expected or could it have been a response to the first tree knock coming from another individual farther away? We never found the source of those sounds, but this was a day I will never forget due to ALL the different sounds and vocalizations I heard that day.

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