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Brother & sisters spot a sasquatch late at night outside Peoria near “Devils Hollow” along Spring River (Report 57435)

Oklahoma County Map
Oklahoma County Map

BFRO Class A

Ottawa County, Oklahoma 

Investigated by Carter Buschardt on March 16, 2001

Submitted by witness Ernest Roher on May 6, 2017

LOCATION DETAILS: The location is Ottawa county Oklahoma. About 5 miles from the Devils Promenade Bridge heading west. And about 4 miles from the town of Peoria.


NEAREST ROAD: Interstate 44

OBSERVED: I was 16 years old. I am 33 now. Me an my three younger sisters was coming back from visiting our baby cousin was recently born. It was about 10 pm driving down the road headed back home. We see a figure walking down the side of the road just like causal. I mention to my sister in the front seat it’s awful late to be walking down a dark road without any type of lights. I slow down as i come up behind him. He stood about 9 to 10 feet tall with almost like a dark fur coat. He slowly turns his head and he had the evilest yellow eyes I have ever seen. By this time my younger sisters are in the back seat screaming and crying saying don’t stop Ernie. I proceed to lock the doors and speed off. To this day we all have the same story. My sisters’ ages at the time are 15, 8, and 6.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 other witnesses my sister’s Melissa Roher, Amanda Elliott, and Connie Roher. We were heading back from visiting our baby cousin.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It happened around 10 or 11 at night. The weather conditions were clear and slightly below normal temps. Lighting was non-existent due to it being on a desolate back country road.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment was quite. Wooded areas on both sides of the road. About 3 miles to the east is the interstate overpass.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

The witness and I spoke via phone. He was excited and thankful to finally tell his story. He and his three sisters discuss it every time they are reminded of the event by the mention of a report or sighting.

He was driving his sisters back from a family visit between 10-11 pm on a country road back in 2001. Older sister was in the front and 2 younger ones in the back. He was driving down an unlit road about 40 mph or so. When he first saw the creature it was about 125-150 feet away. The creature was walking same direction and was on the drivers side of the car. (Other side of the road). And I clarified this with him as I am writing the report. He clarified with his sisters last night.

He started slowing down immediately. He was going no more than 5 miles an hour and told his 2 younger sisters in the back seat to get down and lay flat. He is pretty sure they didn’t do it right away even though they were frightened.

The creature made eye for only a second. It kept the casual walk and made no effort to run or alter his path. Color was a dark brown, not black.

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Are Bigfoot real? Yes, they are!

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