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New York Bigfoot


Carlos Jimenez


a photograph of a Bigfoot that was heard breaking branches and possibly bounding down the hillside (there may have been another one there that is not obviously visible in the image)


July 3, 2019


Ga’Hai Hill, Quaker Run roadside (280) near Salamanca, Cattaraguas County, New York


iPhone. When I pulled the car over to photograph some trees that were bent over in an odd fashion, I then heard a series of vocalizations and sounds of movement and branches breaking.

Picture of chroniclesofcarlos


Are Bigfoot real? Yes, they are! I investigate, create, and share mainstream educational content, Bigfoot and related phenomena, and the scientific methods and principles that corroborate our stories. I have lived and traveled all over North America, Europe, and Africa, have had encounters with Bigfoot and UFOs in North America, and have even had an NDE in Africa. Education: BA and MA in Biological Anthropology Languages: English and Spanish Career: Certified Coach and Teacher, Licensed Entrepreneur Passions: coaching, mentoring, learning, teaching, coaching; the sciences, and cryptozoology Subjects: The Sciences, Cryptozoology

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