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Dr. Grover Krantz

Dr. Grover Krantz
Dr. Grover Krantz


Dr. Grover Krantz


an image of  Dr. Krantz holding up his reconstruction of the “Bossburg Cripple” or “Cripplefoot” cast showing the normal foot

Dr. Krantz superimposed the reconstructed skeletal structure of the feet which can be seen in this cast.

This was one of 1089 giant, human-like tracks found together.


December 13, 1969

[original tracks were found on November 24, 1969, but had been trampled by sightseers]


in the snow leading to, from, and across a river near Lake Roosevelt, near Bossburg

[original tracks were found in Bossburg near the town dump]

Stevens County, Washington


After looking for two weeks for new evidence, Sasquatch-searchers Ivan Marx, a Bossburg resident, and Rene Dahinden discovered the tracks. They were later joined by anthropologist Dr. Grover Krantz, who took photos and made casts, and later, intermittently, by Roger Patterson and his assistant, Dennis Jenson.

Primatologist John Napier and anthropologist Jeff Meldrum studied the tracks and declared their authenticity. 

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