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Cryptids by Vlad Stankovic
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Excerpt: the study of and search for animals, usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence, that recently have been observed alive in nature by people and that lack a recorded type-specimen. A cryptid is what cryptozoologists study.


Vlad Stankovic, illustrator/ graphic artist


Poster of several popular cryptids.



Since June 28, 2014


Based in Sydney, Australia


My work mostly displays a variety of animals, cute characters and bizarre creatures, and has been published in various books and publications. I enjoy using traditional media such as watercolors, colored pencils, gouache, etc as well as digital tools in order to create my work… For more information, please visit Thanks!



Are Bigfoot real? Yes, they are! I investigate, create, and share mainstream educational content, Bigfoot and related phenomena, and the scientific methods and principles that corroborate our stories. I have lived and traveled all over North America, Europe, and Africa, have had encounters with Bigfoot and UFOs in North America, and have even had an NDE in Africa. Education: BA and MA in Biological Anthropology Languages: English and Spanish Career: Certified Coach and Teacher, Licensed Entrepreneur Passions: coaching, mentoring, learning, teaching, coaching; the sciences, and cryptozoology Subjects: The Sciences, Cryptozoology
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